Dreamoc™ XL4

The remarkable Dreamoc XL4

The Dreamoc XL4 is a high-quality 3D holographic display that creates an eye-catching visual experience second to none. The display makes it possible to showcase your brand and products with amazing free-floating holograms that instantly sparks interest among people. Communicate details, features and unique selling points with 3D animated content that brings your branded message to life.

This mid-sized holographic display makes a great showstopper at events, tradeshows, or exhibitions where you want to drive awareness and brand recognition. Place it as a stand-alone installation or hang it on your booth wall to create an integrated setup that matches your existing design.


  • Drive awareness to your brand and products at expos, events, and trade shows.
  • Create engagement through touch screen interactivity.
  • Visually explain features and details about your product portfolio.
  • Create a stand-alone installation the display into the existing wall system of booth- or event design.

Simple to manage

Impressive as the XL4 is, it is as easily operated as any other of our solutions. Just plug it in and you are instantly ready to dazzle your audience with mixed reality experience. One of the glass panes serves as an access point to easily exchange the physical product inside the display, and the holographic content is managed from a discreet opening at the top, holding a standard USB-device. The Dreamoc XL3 is designed to make a grand impression on your audience, and fitting it with your product encircled by stunning holographic content is guaranteed to grab anyone’s attention.

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Interactive possibilities

Interactivity between the viewer and the Dreamoc adds an extra level to your experience. Simply connect via the HDMI port.

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Crystalline™ Optics

High-end glass optics that provides vivid brightness and clarity for your holographic content.

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Built-in audio

No need for external speakers. Simply adjust the sound level with the volume buttons.

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Top loading panel

Change content at a glance from the top of the display.

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Tough skin

The wooden housing is protected by an extremely durable coating to accommodate for everyday usage.

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Easy access door

Seamless and secure access to your product from the side of the display.

Optional accessories

Basic Stand

Open and light design. Additional branding can be placed on the two sides.

Shelf option stand (add on)

With added back panel and shelf for a more commercial setup.

Dreamoc XL3 Flight case

The Dreamoc XL4 flightcase is the optimal way of transporting your display. We always recommend using this optional accessory, as it offers the best safety and protection for repeated transport and storage in different locations.

Technical specifications

The Blue color on the drawing shows the approximate hologram size on Dreamoc™ XL3.

Dreamoc XL4

Display measurements: W1035x H550 x D685 mm
Power Consumption: 50 W Typ
Speakers: 2 x 10W
Screen size: 43”, 16:9
Resolution: Full HD 1920 X 1080p
Input: 1 x HDMI , 2 x USB, 1 x RJ45, 1 x DVI-D, 1 x Analog(RGB)
Housing: Metal housing