Dreamoc™ HD3.2

Our famous holographic display with the characteristic pyramid shaped optics. The HD3 is built in every detail to deliver a never stream of ending of attention-grabbing performance. Its size makes it perfect for any in-store activity, mounted on the stand or built-in as an integral part of your store concept.

Dreamoc™ POP3

A simple one-sided display designed to fit directly into shelf spaces, window installations or other commercial environments.

Stand-alone or part of a synchronized series, the POP3 is destined to make a visual impact.

Dreamoc™ XL4

An ideal solution for bigger spaces such as retail focal points, hotel lobbies or events. It is perfect for larger areas where you want to make a big impression on passers-by and have them stop and pay attention to your brand and product.

Dreamoc™ XXL3

Our largest display for creating experiences in large environments such as shopping malls, museums and busy trade fairs. With full 4-sided visibility the XXL3 display gives the viewers a chance to be dazzled from all viewing angles.